New Tearoff and Installation in Centreville Virginia

Sharing another job for you to view. These sometimes help with color selection as it gives you a full view rather than a shingle sample. This is Certainteed Landmark 30 year in the color “Colonial Slate”

New Shingles, Siding and Gutters Oakton, VA

Here is a recently completed job in Oakton. This particular project included tearoff of old Roofing, Siding and gutters. Installation of Certainteed xt25 year shingles and double 5 siding. New K-style gutters and downspouts. Job was completed in 2 days and turned out very nice.

New TPO Flat Roof in Centreville, VA

We would like share a recently completed flat roofing project in Centreville, Va. This particular roof was torn down of the old rubber membrane. We had to remove the fixed railing system and we used tapered insulation to divert rain water away from the house. Then a new TPO roofing system was installed along with […]

New TPO Flat roof in Silver Spring Md

This is a just finished flat roofing application on a residential property. It was an old rubber roof which failed and was leaking. We tore off all old roofing, insulation and metal. Replaced with TPO, new 1 inch insulation and all new hand bent coping which is white in color. Advantages of TPO range from […]

Power Fan In Germantown, Md

Incorrectly installed roof fixtures are mostly to blame for roof failure. Time and Time again I see a variety of vents, flashings, and protrusions that are simply done wrong. It really baffles me how some contractors actually take people’s money and do such a poor job. I’m reminded of a common problem as I look […]

Cedar Roofing Northern Virginia

I wanted to make a quick post about some thoughts on Cedar Shake Roofing as I went to a call today that was very alarming. I took a look at a Potential clients roofing in Vienna, Northern Virginia. This poor lady had a nice new cedar shake roof installed 11 years ago that was suppose […]


As I wrapped up a roof inspection in Bethesda, Maryland today I’m reminded of the one roof item that can bring bright light on a sunny day or misery on a rainy day. That’s skylights! I don’t know how many times I’ve been on a leak inspection where the homeowner has had a skylight leak […]

A roof is just as good as the install

When it comes to replacing your roof there may be some confusion on what actually it takes to make a sound system. While most roofers use the same types of shingles, it is other components of a roof that make all the difference between years of maintenance free living or a leak waiting to happen. […]

Gutters. The most important part of a sound roofing system?


Recently, we have come across a large amount of gutter and eave issues. From leaking behind the gutters to full blown house damage. Here in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area there have been several severe storms over the past few years including Hurricane Sandy. The weather has undoubtedly contributed to speeding up wear and […]

Roofing Repair Mclean, Virginia

I’d like to share a repair done this week for a major leak occurring on a historic house in Mclean, VA.  This is the old Balls Hill Mansion which is was built in 1900 by the Balls family. Being southern people, the family fled south after the Civil war, the house was destroyed but family […]