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Fall, The Perfect Time for Roofing

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends two yearly inspections for your roof: one in the spring and the other in the fall. As summer winds down, the upcoming fall season is an excellent time to check your roof for damage or problem areas before the harsh winter weather arrives. It is also a great time to schedule work if you’re considering or needing a new roof. The temperatures are not too hot, but it is still warm enough for flashings, shingles, and membranes to adhere and settle in. By contrast, winter is a challenging season for any roof, with freezing rain, snow, and winds wreaking havoc on inadequately sealed areas.

A trained and licensed roofer should carry out your roof inspection; regular handymen will be insufficient for the complete evaluation of roofing and gutter systems. We recommend that your roofing contractor inspect the following specific areas in the fall.

  • Shingles, slate, and cedar shakes: Make sure there are no tears or splits and that all roofing materials are sound. Check for sags or concave areas that could indicate a leak or failed plywood decking.
  • Flashing: These are the materials that seal off protrusions, chimneys, walls, and openings. Checking these for cracks and failures is critical as they are the only lines of protection from standing snow or heavy rains. Flashings are where the majority of leaks occur.
  • Remove twigs and debris: Accumulated organic materials act like sponges, trapping moisture against roofing materials, causing rot and speeding up deterioration. Cedar roofing and any wood siding or trim are especially susceptible to these effects.
  • Gutters: This is a significant area of concern whenever severe weather arrives. The simple act of cleaning the gutters can save you a big headache. Falling leaves and shingle granules can easily overwhelm a gutter system, clog them, and may cause a leak. Even if you have clear gutters, sometimes all it takes is for a clump of debris to block downspout outlets, allowing water to fill the gutters and cause problems.
  • Cut back branches: Branches just a few feet from roofing or siding can damage these materials. Snow will make them heavy, and wind will make them scrape your house.

Let Dominion Roofing Co inspect your property. A roofing inspection this fall may be able to save you from more significant problems later in the year—Call 301-942-2009 for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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