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Can You Get a New Roof in the Winter?

If the wintery weather has you wondering how the roof will hold up, you’re not alone. Every year around this time we start getting calls— people asking if it’s possible to replace a roof in the wintertime. The answer? Yes, but it depends on a few things.

So what should you know about your roof before calling up the experts to get a replacement? Here are four tips from the Dominion Roofing team for anyone curious about getting a new roof put up mid-winter.

Can You Get a New Roof in the Winter?

Although some people might tell you otherwise, you can absolutely get a roof replaced in the wintertime. Just like getting a replacement done at any other time of year, it all depends on the weather. Sure, no one’s going to try and replace a roof in the middle of a blizzard.

But if you have a few dry and mild days ahead, then this might be enough to get your new roof put in. Here are a few points to keep in mind before calling up the local roofing company to make an appointment.

What to Know When Replacing a Roof in Winter

There’s good reason to be cautious. Installing a new roof during very cold conditions is never ideal. Since shingles are attached with a sealant (also known as the “tar line”), they need to acclimate in relatively warm temperatures in order to fully seal.

Air temperature isn’t the same as the roof temperature. It might seem too cold outside to replace the roof, but a whole lot of direct sunlight can easily crank up the temperature of your roof. Just remember, air temperature and the temperature of your roof aren’t necessarily the same.

Outside temperatures should be relatively warm. That being said, here at Dominion Roofing, we like to see outdoor temperatures of at least 38° or higher in order to complete a roof replacement. This helps guarantee that everything seals as it should.

Shingles continue acclimating after installation. Even if the shingles are cold at the time of installation, they’ll continue to relax and adjust based on outside temperatures and the temperatures at roof-level. This applies to the changing seasons too. As the weather warms up come springtime, your shingles will continue to adjust.

The bottom line

If you’re worried that your roof might not last the winter, don’t wait to find out. Although the temperatures keep dropping and it might seem like you missed your chance, it’s still worth checking with your preferred roofing company to see if they can help out. A warm weather forecast and a few clear days might just be enough for you to get a new roof; one that will really protect your home this winter.

Looking for roofing professionals you can trust? Our team at Dominion Roofing is dedicated to providing quality roofing repairs and replacements to the greater Maryland community— even in wintertime. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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